The Archive Room
2014-2015, Headlands Center for the Arts

Completed over two years, a dozen arrangements of the contents of the Headlands Center for the Arts Archive Room were sorted, organized, arranged, and incorporated into The Key Room, a new site specific permanent installation. Over 1,000 objects were voluntarily left behind by visitors and artists over a 25-year period in the Headlands Archive Room. As part of the project, the objects were re-archived and classified in  temporary installations in the organization's Project Space and empty Archive Room.

The smaller scale case displays each show a selection of objects from the archive from different categories, which include: Handle, Light, Instrument, Container, Building, Signal, Setting, Feature, Substitute, Provision, and Weight.

The Key Room
The Key Room website
The Bad Archivist: Carrie Hott's The Key Room by Sasha Archibald
The Key Room by Danica Willard Sachs
Carrie Hott Unlocks Mysterious Key Room at Headlands Center for the Arts by Sarah Hotchkiss