After Hour
2015, Interface Gallery

Expanding on Hott’s ongoing work that often explores the relationship of artificial light to social experience, and drawing from the retail context of Temescal Alley, After Hour re-envisions Interface Gallery as a lamp shop, perpetually after hours. Set up to shadow the familiar experience of a room full of objects for sale, the installation sidesteps the bright, sparkly retail experience for an imagining of what occurs when you’ve closed up shop. As a shadow of retail hours, unattended and lights out, After Hour brings together sculptural forms utilizing lamp shades and light fixtures to echo the experience of a lamp store, only the shop is closed, the curtains are drawn, and the lamps don’t work. Accompanying the objects is a site specific sound created by Hott in collaboration with musician Laura Steenberge, set to crescendo in intervals to mark the passing of the work-day clock. The exhibition builds on Hott’s interest in the equalizing power of the dark, the historic role that the development of artificial light has played in self-organizing, and the ongoing and roving delineation of work time and personal time. 

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Scroll right for images that show the exhibition in daylight and night; or click any image for slideshow. Video of installation below.