2012, Pier 78, Stairwell's

Sounding was created for DEEP DOWN AND BUILDING UP, a two person exhibition put together by Stairwell's, a series of temporary exhibitions accompanied by short publications that take place in stairwells. DEEP DOWN AND BUILDING UP was located in a stairwell in a formal naval shipyard building. For Sounding, I considered the naval and maritime history of the building , as well as what it means to experience an installation while ascending and descending vertically in space.

Sounding consists of four canvas panels, cut to fit wall sections in the stairwell, that transition from white down to black. In addition, Sounding includes a 75 foot rope, made from 100 foot lengths of braided clothesline, that hangs from a wooden hook down the center of the stairwell. The rope also transitions from white down to black at the bottom.

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